Download Red Baron

The flight simulator/shooter has become a ubiquitous genre of video game. For years, game developers have attempted to recreate the thrill of flying an airplane while shooting down your enemies. One of the first games of this sort, Red Baron, was developed by Atari in 1980 for the arcade and for Atari’s home gaming systems.

In Red Baron, your mission is to shoot down enemy biplanes while successfully piloting your own airplane. The game is in black and white, and uses vector graphics. Certainly, more modern games can provide a gamer with more realistic flight simulator action, but Red Baron is–even now–a great entry into the world of flight simulator/shooters.

Downloading Red Baron

With the aid of MAME software, it is possible to enjoy Atari’s Red Baron once more from the comfort of your home computer. MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) software mimics the hardware of the original gaming system, allowing the original game ROM to be loaded into memory. The ROM can be licensed for an extremely small fee, and the MAME software download is free.

Red Baron was originally played with an analog joystick. If you don’t have a joystick attached to your computer, fear not! The game play can be easily simulated with the mouse and keyboard. Once you get used to manipulating your plane with these new devices, you will be flying like an ace in no time.