Festive holiday centerpieces

We love decorating for the holidays. At the Red Pheasant, we like to get creative and make our own decorations, because it adds to the fun. So many people commented on last year’s cork Christmas tree centerpieces, we’re sharing a little “how-to” here that makes a great project for Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll give you the basics, but this is one of those projects that’s definitely open to personalizing—so get creative!

What you’ll need

  • 13 corks for each tree
  • Small flower clay pot for each tree
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Craft paints in red, green and gold (or other colors, your choice!)
  • Buttons, beads, glitter, trim, wrapping paper, fabric scraps, odds and ends

What to do

  1. Glue three corks side by side in a row
  2. Glue four corks in a row
  3. Glue row of four corks on top of the row of three, with the row of  three as the base
  4. Top with another row of three corks, then two and finish with one cork for the top
  5. Decorate as you like, you can cut circles of wrapping paper, felt or fabric and stick on the ends of the corks or paint the circle ends of the corks
  6. Add personal touches like pearly beads, seashells, small leaves, glitter—the possibilities are endless!
  7. Glue cork tree to small flower pot. You can add a little moss if you like, and another idea is to spray paint the flower pot gold or green

Invite your kids or grandchildren to help—this is a great project for all ages. Have fun!