Roulette – Have Fun and Win Some Money

At the roulette table there are two different bets that pay odds of 2/1. That is, if you bet $1 and win, you get back your $1 plus you get $2 from the casino. These bets are “Columns” and “Numbers”. When you look at the layout of the table, the “Columns” bet is at the end of the numbers away from where 0 and 00 are located. The “Numbers” bet is the group of 12 numbers located along the side between where “black” and “red” and the number array is located.

The croupier releases the ball into the spinning wheel and the ball drops into a numbered pocket. If that number is in the “Column” or group of “Numbers” that you have selected, you win your bet.

These two bets are equal in odds and which bet you make is best determined by where you sit at the table. Since they are identical in odds, make the bet that is most easily reachable.

The casino always has the advantage at roulette. That advantage is determined by how many numbers there are on the wheel. Some wheels have the number 1 through 36 plus 0 and 00. Some wheels do not have 00. On the bet being discussed, the wheels that have both 0 and 00 provide the casino with an advantage of about 6%. Wheels that have just 0 provide about a 4% advantage. Single 0 tables are hard to find, however, and this discussion will be about tables with 2 zeroes.

If you bet either of these two bets, you will win about 1/3 of the time. Each time you win, you’ll get you bet plus two additional chips. If the croupier runs the game at 60 spins an hour, on average you’ll win either 18 or 19 spins and lose 41 or 42. On the 18 spins you win, you’ll get back 36 additional chips for a total of 54 chips. So in an hour, you’ll lose 6 chips.

In most casinos, drinks are complimentary and since this method is reasonably thought free, a couple drinks an hour would be a pleasant way to enjoy and to break even.

You can expand your bet to encompass 2 sets of either the “Columns” or the “Numbers”. This would give you almost twice as many winners. Instead of winning 18 spins, you’d win 37 (that doesn’t seem to add up but the percentages cause strange breaking points) out of 60. You would bet 120 chips (60 x 2) and you’d get back your chip 37 times plus 2 of the casinos chips for a total of 111 chips. Your losses have increased by 3 chips an hour but your percentage of loss has decreased from 10% (6 chip loss / 60 chips bet) to 7.5% (9 chip loss / 120 chips bet).

To further increase the fun of the game and your possibility of a winning session, when you win some of the casinos chips you can bet those winning chips at this bet where you’re going to win more often than you lose. Do it in this fashion. Bet two groups (of “Numbers” or of “Columns”). If you win, put not just a 1 but a 2 chip bet on the group where you just won, add one chip from your personal stack to the other winning chip and bet on the opposite group from the one that lost.

If you’re betting “Columns” and bet columns 1 and 2 and column 1 wins, you would have 3 chips on the layout (1 bet and 2 winning). On the next spin, bet 2 chips on column 1 and 2 chips on column 3. That uses your initial bet, 2 winning chips and 1 from your bankroll. If on that spin, column 3 wins, bet 3 chips on column 3 and 3 chips on column 2. You will win 2/3 of the time and 1/3 of the time the casino will take your bets.

If you are unlucky, you will lose your initial 2 chips bet most of the time.

If you are lucky, you can win 8 or 10 in a row before you lose. A lucky progression might look like this: Begin with a bankroll of 5 chips. Bet 1 on 2 of the 3 columns. Win #1. Now you have a bankroll of 6 chips (3 not bet, 1 bet returned, 2 winning). Bet 2 on each of 2 of the 3 columns. Win #2. Now you have a bankroll of 8 chips (2 not bet, 1 bet of 2 returned, 4 winning). Bet 3 on each of 2 columns. Win #3. Now you have bankroll of 11 chips (2 not bet, 1 bet of 3 returned, 6 winning). Bet 4 on each of 2 columns. Win #4. Now you have a bankroll of 15 chips (3 not bet, 1 bet of 4 returned, 8 winning).

At this point you will make 2 bets of 5 chips each. Even if you lose you will be left with your original bankroll of 5 chips. But, if you continue to win you will be in the black. Win #5. Now you have a bankroll of 20 chips (5 not bet, 1 bet of 5 returned, 10 winning).

It has been my experience that runs of 20 wins occur occasionally. Runs of 15 occur often. A run of 15 would make a profit of 45 chips. I usually stop after a run of 10 and take a profit of 30 chips.

Another stopping point that I employ is after 5 wins, if a loss occurs I stop. On the 7th spin, the bet would be 7 chips on each group with a 23 chip bankroll. If I lose, I might stop taking my 3 chip profit. If I want to continue to play, I begin the progression again starting with 1 chip.

Any time a loss occurs and I wish to continue, I bet 1 chip on 2 groups.

Overall, the casino still has an advantage and if you play long enough, the casino is going to win your money. It becomes important that you enjoy what you do at the table and refrain from betting more than you entertainment budget will allow.

Of paramount importance is having a good time.