Simulation Video Games

Simulation video games insert gamers into incredibly detailed and realistic situations that they might never be able to encounter in real life. Build roller coasters and dinosaur habitats or learn to play real bongos with a giant monkey as your instructor. Simulation video games let you become the jack of any trade you desire.

Sim games used to primarily be devoted to highly specialized tasks such as flying aircraft. Many were–and still are–developed as teaching tools for the military and private sector, before being adapted for home entertainment purposes. Increasingly, gamers can enter less specialized but similarly exclusive enclaves such as the Playboy mansion or the world of pirates.

Simulation Video Games: Like Life and Lifelike

The most popular video game of all time is a simulation game, and its subject matter is hardly specialized or exclusive. The Sims allow people with homes, jobs and families to simulate being people with homes, jobs and families. This simple, ingenious idea revolutionized gaming and has led to countless expansion packs, online gaming and a red-hot sequel.

Being something other than what we are is at the heart of all sim games. It’s a natural and healthy desire, and modern technology allows us to safely indulge these feelings without getting in too terribly deep. Video game rentals are an inexpensive way to dip your toe into the world of simulation video games, and find out who you want to be.